Custom Seafood Processing

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Sustainably harvested in Pacific Northwest waters, all of C2C's Albacore Tuna is MSC Certified and custom processed to maximize its nutritional value, mild taste and smooth texture.

Custom Burgers and Grind Processing

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Burgers - Fresh & Frozen Portions
Eleven is proud to offer its customers both fresh and frozen burger pattie options in either a stock or custom formulation produced in our Federally Inspected, HACCP certified BRC accredited plant. Right from the start we go that extra mile as we use carbon dioxide (CO2) in our blending process to control the starting temperature of the meat. This results in better performing and more consistent patties. In early 2014 we completed an upgrade and expansion of our manufacturing and packaging equipment. This gave us expanded capacity, segregated our fresh and frozen lines and extended shelf life for all of our fresh burger customers such that we are able to realize 17 to 21 days of shelf life. Further our flattening technology produces fresh burgers that are unique in shape giving that much desired homemade appearance. Lastly, our rotating ‘Lock Tite’ Technology forms patties with individual strands of meat in a circular pattern making them less susceptible to fragility. Ask us about our exotic formulations! Have a closer look at our Fresh Revolution process…

Ground Beef - Fresh & Frozen
Eleven is able to offer its customers fresh or frozen ground beef for multiple restaurant applications. Our standard format is 4 x 2.27 kgs or 5.0 pound packages.

Meat Skewers - Beef, Pork & Lamb
Our Calgary, Alberta plant has hand skewering abilities covering multiple protein items. Beyond this, our capabilities include trimming, portioning, marinating and hand-skewering to our customer’s exacting weight or portion specifications before freezing and delivering the finished skewers to your desired distribution point.

Custom Steak and Chop Processing

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Sterling Silver Premium Beef is carefully sourced from the North American Great Plains and hand-selected for optimal quality. The results are unsurpassed cuts of beef that provide exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness every time. Offering only Choice and Prime grades, all Sterling Silver Premium Beef is highly marbled for rich flavor and aged to perfection.

Trusted Quality Delis

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Since 1951, Grimm’s Fine Foods has been bringing families and communities together through food. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, our products are crafted using family recipes passed on through generations. Grimm’s European style sausages, naturally smoked deli meats and meat snacks are all made with meticulous care. We proudly offer many gluten-and lactose free options and are guaranteed to contain absolutely no fillers. Quality without compromise, from our family to yours ~ Enjoy.

For over 100 years, Harvest Meats has created only the highest quality deli products. Using top grade beef and pork, there are no meat fillers, by-products or gluten in 99% of of Harvest Meats' products. All smoked products are made using only natural hardwood smoke.